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I’m going to digress into some astrology here, so if you’re here for the writing, scroll down to older posts. But if you’re curious or interested, I’m going to reiterate (again) why it’s so important to be familiar with your natal astrology chart when reading horoscopes.

My Sun is in Sagittarius. But though horoscopes are organized by Sun sign, they also make an assumption that your Sun sign is the same as your 1st House sign. This is true for some people, but most of us will have a different Rising sign (that’s the sign on your 1st House). I borrowed this image from Astrostyle to illustrate:

The Houses of an Astrology Chart
The Houses of an Astrology Chart

You can see each House has certain influences, and so whenever certain planets are in those Houses, you will feel their effects on those parts of your life.

But here’s the thing: Horoscopes assume the planets are in certain Houses based on your Sun sign being the same as your Rising sign. If they’re not the same, you’re reading the wrong horoscope. You should be reading your Rising sign.

And then, even that is only true some of the time.


I’ll give you an example. This week a lot of horoscopes are focused on the coming Full Moon in Sagittarius. That Moon will be at 1° of Sagittarius. Now, I’m an Aquarius Rising, but because of the way my Houses fall, even the Aquarius horoscope isn’t correct for me when it comes to this particular Full Moon. The Aquarius ‘scopes assume this Full Moon is in my 11th House, but for me personally, it’s in my 10th. Which means I need to read the Pisces horoscope to get a sense of what this Moon will mean for me.

Are you cross-eyed yet?

Another example. My husband is a Sagittarius with Sagittarius Rising as well. Easy, right? Actually, not really. Because his Ascendant is at 25° of Sagittarius, meaning for the most part he needs to read Capricorn horoscopes to be accurate. Only 5 out of 30 degrees will be correct when reading Sagittarius. By which I mean, only when planets are in those last 5 degrees of Sagittarius will the Sagittarius horoscope read correctly for him.

This is why it is so, so important to know your chart and then also be familiar with current transits. I actually keep a printed copy of my natal chart handy to refer to when planets are aspecting so I can see where in my life the impact is likely to be. If you want to get your own chart, I recommend; you’ll have to create an account, but it’s free and they don’t spam your email. You’ll need to know not only where you were born but what time of day. Otherwise you won’t have an accurate Rising sign, and that’s the real starting point for your entire chart.

Not many horoscopes will get technical about what degree the planets are in, so that’s information you’ll need to seek out if you want to be sure of where a Full or New Moon, or some other aspect, is falling in your chart.‘s forecasts do have that info if you’re up for digging through them. And the aforementioned also has current planetary positions on the homepage sidebar. I myself use TimePassages software on my iPhone to check my daily chart.

I don’t mean for this to be an advertisement. I’m only trying to give you tools, should you be interested. Which, if you’ve read this whole thing, maybe you are? Meanwhile, feel free to ask questions, and I’ll answer to the best of my ability.


4 thoughts on “Know Your Chart!”

  1. Interesting! My life has spent so much of the past year feeling like it’s under the Trash sign, but when we did charts almost two years ago, you saw a lot of confusion coming up for me. Most of the time I do identify more with Libra than Leo, but it’s interesting that even that won’t do it all the time! Head spinning now.

    1. And this doesn’t even take into account the fact that, depending on where you were born, some of your Houses (slices of the pie, so to speak) may be larger than others. For example, my 1st & 7th Houses are almost 40° while my 4th & 10th Houses are extremely compressed. The more you know about your chart, the more accurately you’ll be able to suss out what’s going on and/or what’s coming. I find it interesting, but some people would rather not know. And that’s fine. I only feel the need to educate people who read their horoscopes without knowing what to really look for. They say, “This isn’t right at all!” and of course it isn’t because they’re (as Sallah & Indy say) “digging in the wrong place.”

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