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IWSG: Silence

InsecureWritersSupportGroup Right now I’m waiting to hear. About a lot of things. From a few different people. And I find that very unnerving.

I’m waiting to hear from the conference organizer about my presentation in October. She’s certainly busy, and there’s plenty of time, but I’m the type of person who likes things to be set and settled. Feeling up in the air makes me insecure.

And I’m waiting to hear from the publisher about Changers. Again, I’m sure I’m in a queue somewhere, and at least I’ve had some back and forth with the marketing person. (There’s a marketing person! Hurrah!) This is more about being excited; the anticipation has me on the edge of my seat. But at the same time, the longer I go without hearing from anyone, the more I fear I’ve been forgotten, fallen through the cracks.

In truth, I know I have personal issues with feeling ignored or overlooked. That’s on me. And it’s also really tough for me when I’ve done all I can and now the ball is in someone else’s court. Aside from nagging and making a nuisance of myself (and I try not to), there’s not much for me to do but wait.

In the meantime, I try to be productive by working on other projects. But this limbo is like Damocles’ sword; I find it difficult to focus on anything else while it hangs over me. But I’ll try to get some writing done anyway.

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  • I feel the same way about not being able to work on something else while something’s hanging over me. I always feel like I SHOULD be able to, but I can never bring myself to it. Waiting is the worst, but it sounds like you’ve already made some huge strides and are well on your way. Good luck!

  • Lots of waiting in this industry. 🙂

    You probably talked about this in an earlier post, but I haven’t been good at reading all of them. But what conference are you presenting at, and what is your proposed topic?

    • I’m supposed to present at InD’Scribe, and the original topic was going to be about effective critiquing and how it’s okay to cry—and make others cry. When we try to be too nice, we aren’t actually helpful. I don’t advocate being mean, but sometimes the best results come from some tough love. And the flip side of that is about how it’s okay to take it badly. We’re so worried about not taking it personally, but we should! Let yourself feel bad. Then come back and do the work.

  • I’m also terrible at being in limbo. I’m waiting to hear some definite information on my schedule for a Comic Con this June. That’s not so far away! I need to know! ACK! I hope you hear soon.

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Comments (8)