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. . . with a nice review of Peter.

I do definitely consider character and dialogue to be my main strengths as a writer. And I feel like there are many different kinds of readers, too. Or maybe it depends on your mood. But sometimes you want a meaty, dramatic, character-driven story. Some readers gravitate toward those. And sometimes you just want plot-driven fluff. A lot of readers choose those kinds of stories because they don’t want to work too hard.

This isn’t to say a plot-driven story can’t have great character and dialogue, or that a character-driven story can’t have a driving plot. But I think many books lean one way or another.

I like both kinds. As I mentioned, it depends on my mood. I mean, I remember reading The DaVinci Code. Very plot heavy, even though the characters were meant to be engaging as well. I went through a Michael Crichton phase in middle school where I devoured all his books, which again revolve largely around plot. But when I read Tana French or Kate Morton, though I know there will be a fair plot, I’m not looking for or expecting a light, speedy read. With books like theirs, I’m anticipating investing some time and thought.

Anyway, Peter is a character book. If you’d like to take a look for yourself, you can find all e-formats linked on the publisher’s site.

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