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If you subscribe to my newsletter (and if you don’t, you can right there on the sidebar), you know this already. Newsletter readers get the news first! But now I can push the boat out a bit and announce that my young adult fantasy novel Changers: Manifesting Destiny will be published by Evernight Teen. Look, they sent me this awesome cover!

ET coming-soon

Okay, so there’s no actual cover yet. But I’ve already filled out the paperwork and can’t wait to see what the designer does!

Manifesting Destiny is planned as the first in a trilogy. So my writing priorities have necessarily shifted.

  1. Changers: The Great Divide
  2. Finish Brynnde
  3. More Sherlock Holmes
  4. A possible sequel to Peter

And then, too, Changers: A More Perfect Union will need to be slotted in depending on publication schedule. But I’m taking things one at a time else I’ll start hyperventilating.

For now I’m excited and grateful to be able to display the following badge:

ET Family button

I’ve also added it to my sidebar. Can’t wait for this new adventure to start, and to share Changers with all of you!

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