IWSG: Like, In Front of People?

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The good news: I’ve been asked to present at the InD’Scribe conference in October! My very first time as a writing conference presenter rather than just an attendee. I’m naturally very excited! But also a little terrified.

I have plenty of time to plan, and I’ve already begun making notes. And I’ve taught classes before; I used to teach Shakespeare at a summer camp. Of course, back then my students were ages 9 to 14, so . . . This is a little different. These are my peers. And I’m going to be getting up in front of them and speaking as if what I have to say is interesting, even important or valuable.

I hope it is.

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4 thoughts on “IWSG: Like, In Front of People?”

  1. Um… I’d be having a heart attack. The thought of being in front of people, especially talking, makes me want to pass out, which is almost what I did in my speech class. But I think the secret is to not focus on the fact that you’re afraid and what people might think, but what you have to say. Get excited about it. Get excited to share your insight with the world!

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