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3 Things

1. 3 names I go by other than my name.

M, Methos, Mandy

2. 3 Places I have lived other than where I grew up.

Austin, Boston, Livermore (CA)

3. 3 places I have worked.

Jan Hagara
Longhorn Copies (gone now but best job ever)
Houghton Mifflin

4. 3 things I love to watch on TV.

Limitless, Tiny House Hunters . . . I dunno, I’m having trouble of thinking of anything else. I watch a lot of stuff but I don’t “love” much of it. I’m hoping Doctor Who will get better so I can love it again.

5. 3 places I have been.

London, Paris, Athens

6. 3 things I love to eat.

cheese, ice cream, bread

7. 3 of my favorite drinks.

Dr Pepper, chai, Big Red soda (I’m totally not a sophisticated person. Really addicted to caffeine and sugar.)

8. 3 things I’m looking forward to.

going to Las Vegas next month
the Writer’s Digest conference in August
my garden blooming (and the hummingbird eggs hatching!)

9. 3 things I’m not looking forward to.

allergies (the cost of my garden blooming)
kids home all summer
tonight’s workout (but if I want to keep eating bread and cheese . . .)



Comments (4) for post “3 Things”

  • Tiny House Hunters is kinda cool. Mostly cause I can’t imagine living in such a small place. Maybe if it were just me, but definitely not with another person.

    One thing I always wonder about. They’ll crawl up onto the bed/bunk area. Of course there isn’t much head room and they’ll often comment on it, but say something to the effect of… well, there’s more room up here than I thought.

    And I always, think… yeah, but wait until you get that 8″-10″ mattress in there. You can’t even sit up straight in some of them.

    Do you know anybody who lives in a tiny house?

    • I don’t know anyone who lives in a tiny house. I’m just obsessed with the idea of having a separate writing studio built in the back yard. I have a home office, but I can’t write when there are other people in the house. So instead of throwing everyone out, it would be great if there were some separate space I could go hole up in.

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Comments (4)