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Regency Romance & the 10th Review

So Peter had a little bit of an uptick on Amazon this weekend. But it’s stuck at only nine reviews, so I’m looking for someone to please, please, please go write that golden #10. Yes, I’m not above begging. And to those who have written reviews, thank you!!!

Meanwhile, I was trying to write some new Sherlock Holmes stories, but . . . It was like trudging through mud. I couldn’t write more than a couple sentences at a time. I realized I needed something lighter. Coming off stuff like Peter, and even my YA fantasy is a bit heavy, I really just needed something playful. So I dug out an old Regency romance I’d started writing some years ago. I hadn’t realized I’d gotten as far as 11,000 words, but apparently I had. I’ve dusted it off and begun playing with it again, and it’s great fun. A nice, light break (in the same way my novel The K-Pro is lighter). Hopefully it will be a relatively quick project as well. I find it’s faster to write the fun stuff.



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  • I do the same thing, alternating light stuff with darkness in order to rest. One day, I will write a Regency Romance. I love reading them. 😀

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Comments (2)