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IWSG: Out of My Hands

InsecureWritersSupportGroupIt’s the first Wednesday of the month, which means it’s time to explore what’s making me insecure as a writer. And it’s all the usual stuff. Yesterday I received three rejections, which wasn’t fun. Two last week, too. And now I’m in the middle of a massive rewrite and worried it still won’t be good enough by the time I’m finished. But that’s normal for most writers, I think. We all pour effort into our work and then worry our best still isn’t good enough. (Or are we worried it’s still somehow not our best? Hmm.)

But the thing I’m most insecure about is my latest release, The Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller. It has decent reviews on Amazon and has been bouncing up and down in the rankings there. But I usually self-publish and can see the sales numbers. Peter is my first book to be published by, well, a publisher. So I have no real idea how well it is or isn’t doing.

The publisher has told me if Peter does well enough, they’ll consider a print run. I really want that to happen; I’ve already been invited to a couple bookstores to do signings if/when I have books to sign. So not knowing how well Peter is selling is a bit frustrating. It feels like so much hinges on it! I guess I’ll have a better idea after the first quarter.

Then again, I also don’t know what counts for “well” per this particular publisher. I don’t know their metric for success.

It’s out of my hands. That’s what I need to learn to live with. All this energy should be put into my current projects. Focus. I need to focus on what I can do. It’s the difference between treading water and actually swimming. Gotta swim.


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  • I’ve always found it helps to have multiple projects out there at once. So if one gets rejected, you think, “There’s always this other project…” Rejections always sting, though, no matter where you are in your career. And they NEVER stop…except maybe if you reach superstar author status. I guess then you can write what you want…but the critics and public may “reject” it!

    • It’s true. Writing is a business filled with people hurling stones. Even critically acclaimed work will have haters. And it’s a mercurial business, too. After three rejections yesterday, I received five requests for my manuscript today! Down, up, down, up. At least it’s never boring!

  • “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming!”

    First thing I thought of reading your last line.

    I wish I could understand what you’re going through, but since I do absolutely nothing (up until now) to advertise my books, I don’t have to wonder what the sales are doing. Because they’re doing nothing. Or, nothing is happening with them, I guess.

    My suggestion? Focus on the positive. You can’t control pretty much everything in this world, except yourself. Put all your energy into writing your next great book. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself.

    P.S. – You’re being asked to do book signings. Yay!!!!

  • Congratulations!! The positive aspect of being published by ‘a publisher’ as well as having self-published, you will be able to decide which path you prefer and then take control of your own career. Wishing you lots of success!

  • It is one of the things that frustrates me most about having something with a publisher. I look at my sales stats a lot on my self-published stuff. But how much does the Amazon ranking tell me about my other books when I know they sell the most on their own site? Like you, I’m waiting until the next quarter. It’s tough. Onward to the next project to at least try to keep our minds off it!

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Comments (6)