Too Unique?

I received some bad news last night. A short story I’d written on spec for an anthology was rejected. It had been shortlisted, and I’d really hoped it would make it into the anthology. But ultimately, though the editor said it was a good story, it “didn’t fit with the others.”

Summed up, it was too unique, too different from all the rest. An odd duck.

I had actually worried about this a bit. I knew the story was a good one, but as the anthology editor began posting about the kinds of submissions she was receiving, I could tell my story was very different. And I knew that eventually, as said editor began whittling down to who and what would make the final cut, if my story was an outlier it would probably end up rejected.

It’s like stew. You want a variety of ingredients, but you want the flavors to all blend, I guess. You don’t want some random mandarin orange in with your beef and veggies. That would be weird.

Though I understand why it happened, I’m really pretty bummed. I’m going to have to start hunting for another outlet for the story. I only hope it isn’t so unique that no one has a place for it.

2 thoughts on “Too Unique?”

  1. Don’t worry. Keep trying at different venues. I’ve had two rejections in the past with the reason the stories were too unique. And I thought “But isn’t it the point to write an original story?”

    1. Yes, that’s what I thought, too! I got another rejection for the same story today, so I sent it off to two more places . . .

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