Goals for 2016

I know I mentioned these in a previous post, but I like to state them clearly so I can track my progress throughout the year.

1. Finish the revision of Changers.
2. Find an agent or publisher for Changers.
3. With my co-writer, finish the Hard Reset script.
4. Write and release at least one more Sherlock Holmes story.
5. Attend at least one writing conference and/or do at least one reading or signing.

I’m going to leave it at that for now. I also intend to keep marketing Peter—only two weeks away now, eep! And note the links on the sidebar that allow you to find various online articles and podcasts about the book. I’ll add to that as bloggers post reviews and so on, so please keep checking back! And if you read and review Peter be sure to let me know!

Other more amorphous goals include more meditation time and continuing my exercise program. But the five above are (a) writing focused, and (b) easily ticked off as achieved (or not). I’ll check in periodically as the year progresses and may add new/revised goals as others are met.

Do you make goals? Resolutions?

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2 thoughts on “Goals for 2016”

    1. I’m 60% done with the revisions. But I’ve just hit the point where, if I’m going to rewrite the back end, I have to start [at the point I’m now at]. Which is daunting!

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