It’s my birthday. And I could go into the rant of how much it sucks to have a birthday during the holidays, but whatever. I’m having a good day so far, and I have lovely things planned for later and throughout the weekend (tix to Star Wars), so I can’t complain.

Still, if you want to get me a little something, or something for yourself too, then I’d ask that you pre-order my forthcoming novel. All the buying options are on my Shop page. And if you pre-order, you’ll get a great discount price.

I’ll also take reviews as gifts! Authors love reviews, and it’s a relatively inexpensive gift to give. Only the cost of the book. (Please do buy the book and read it before writing a review. I know you maybe made up all those book reports in school, but we can tell whether you’ve read the book or not.)

Now back to my regularly scheduled Solar Return. Ta!

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