2016: Year of Justice

So I’m looking at my Solar Return (that is, my astrological birthday, which I explain a bit here), which is coming up soon. This coming year I’m a Libra, which is kind of cool since I have a lot of Libra friends and really like Librans in general.

But here’s the whammy: Next year my Personal Year (in terms of tarot) is a Justice year.

If you know a little bit about astrology and/or tarot, you might know that Justice is the tarot card for the sign of Libra. Libra is “The Scales” [of Justice]. The whole thing hinges on balance and fairness and doing what is right. And it hinges on karma—for better or worse.

Now I like to think I’m a good person and that I’ll be reaping rewards for my efforts next year. But there’s still something a little scary about having such a year looming.

I guess I’ll get the first inklings of how my year is likely to go when Peter is released on 15 January. I’ll say it again (and probably nauseatingly often): pre-order now! While you can get it at a discount! Click here for Amazon Kindle and here for Smashwords. Oh, and here is the UK Kindle version.

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