30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 13

13. Your commute to and from work/school/etc.

My commute to work involves walking downstairs to my office.

My commute to school—or, rather, to my children’s school—involves walking around the corner to the school.

I’ve very lucky (blessed if you prefer) not to have to drive anywhere. That will change when the kids move up to middle school, but even the middle school is less than five minutes away. We chose our house for exactly these reasons: 1. a good home office space for me, 2. walking distance to school and three parks, 3. approximately five minutes from the grocery (and you don’t even have to get on the highway to get there).

Here’s the thing about me and driving. I love long car trips . . . Though when going somewhere with the kids, that love is put to the test. But I don’t really love lots of small trips like errands and such. I’m much rather walk whenever I can. It’s why I enjoy visiting places like London, where walking is so easy. It’s why I lasted so long in Boston, also a largely walkable city; it wasn’t until we’d moved to the suburbs that I really began to melt down.

I won’t say I always love walking; there have been times when the heat or whatever has been too much for me to enjoy it, and I’ll come home crankier than before. But on the average, the fresh air and exercise, especially if accompanied by some good music or an interesting podcast, improves my mood.

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