30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 12

12. Two words/phrases that make you laugh

That make me laugh? Like, every time? I’m not sure such things exist. I feel like the humor in anything wears out with use.

I suppose the place to start would be Shakespeare. But again, much as I quote him, I wouldn’t say any of those quotes make me laugh. Even the funny ones. Hmm.

How about Brak from Space Ghost? The Cartoon Network ones, not the original show. The kids love for me to “do Brak.” Still, it’s amusing, but I don’t laugh out loud or anything.

Monty Python? I grew up watching that, lots of great quotes there, but . . . “Burma!” And, “I can’t touch him, he’s a novelist.” Poets are both clean and warm . . . Still, I’ve seen it all often enough that, much as I love it, I no longer laugh.

Yeah, I really don’t have an answer to this.

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