IWSG: Edits!

I received an email from my editor at Tirgearr this morning saying she’ll be sending me edits for Peter either late next week or early the week after that. Eep!

After working on Peter for so long, I of course want to think it’s very clean. Nearly perfect, right? But I’m also a reasonable, logical person (at least some of the time), so I know there will be stuff to fix. Maybe even a lot.

I’m really kind of scared.

It’s like handing your baby over to a surgeon and not being sure what will come back. Lots of stitches? Only a few scars?

And having been an editor so long myself, you’d think I’d have more insight or whatever, but it’s very different being on this side of things.

So that’s what I’m insecure about at the moment. That and the revisions I’ll need to do on Changers. My critique group will be tearing that manuscript apart in the coming weeks as well.

My Hallowe’en horror story: having my work ripped to shreds!

5 thoughts on “IWSG: Edits!”

  1. Waiting on edits nust be doubly stressful for you, considering you’re an editor yourself! I recently put some of my own work out there to be read by online CPs, which was a first. The waiting was brutal, and they were CPs! Best of luck to you! Enjoy the rest of IWSG day. Eva, IWSG Co-host.

  2. I got sweaty palms just reading this! It is so hard to put something out there that you’ve worked hard on! I haven’t published a book, but I have done lots of writing for all kinds of things through my work. It’s been my experience that a good editor can really help you improve what you have written. So perhaps this will be an exciting and rewarding process for you! Good luck and congratulations!

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