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Sometimes I have to sort of make a list of everything I’m waiting on. I don’t know why, or what a list is going to do to help me. Really, one should kind of forget about the stuff their waiting on and go on and do other stuff while one waits. Unless it’s for fast food. In which case, it’s best to stay there and keep waiting.

Am I making sense?

So, look, back in late July I sent the first three chapters of Changers to the editor at Tor that I met at DFW Con. Now I’m still waiting to hear back from her. I’m also waiting to hear from another agent about Changers, though there is just as much chance I’ll never hear anything. And I’m waiting to hear back from the woman who seemed so keen to become my agent and had planned to have a contract by the end of September, but . . . ::shrug:: I emailed her when we got back from London but I haven’t heard back.

I’m waiting to hear whether my short story is selected for the Sirens anthology, and whether a flash fiction piece of mine is selected for a podcast.

And I’m waiting to hear from my editor regarding Peter. She emailed right before we left for London and said she’d have something for me in a week or two . . .

Sometimes, when I have so many irons in the fire, it becomes impossible for me to clear my head space and get any work done. So while I know it’s better to do just that, I find it really difficult because I so want to hear from someone, anyone. Preferably good news, of course. Otherwise I start to feel like I’m wasting all this time and energy and it’s all being thrown into a void. I begin asking myself why I bother. And then I can’t write because it feels futile.

So that’s where I’m at. Kind of stuck.

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