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Soothing the Savage . . . Whatever

You know how, when you’re on the verge of an emotional breakdown (and I guess I’m assuming everyone has been there at some point in their lives, but if you haven’t, good for you), some songs make you feel better and some you just. can’t. even.? Yeah, that’s where I am at the moment. Feeling very fragile. Which, oddly enough, means I cannot listen to “Fragile” by Sting.

It’s complicated.

Also, a shorter walk today because I’m still recovering from walking, like, 10 miles a day in London. Didn’t use the Tube even once.

1. “Hold On Forever” by Rob Thomas*
2. “Selene” by Imagine Dragons
3. “Someday Soon” by Great Big Sea
4. “Presents to Send You” by Jimmy Buffett
5. “Tired” by Tabitha’s Secret
6. “Money Back Guarantee” by Jimmy Buffett
7. “Unkind” by Tabitha’s Secret

Rob’s song is perfectly designed to “make you feel better.” In fact, I’ve been listening to a lot of him, Matchbox Twenty, Train, and Imagine Dragons. Jimmy Buffett also tends to lift spirits. Still, I found myself skipping a lot of songs that I just couldn’t handle, like “29” by Gin Blossoms. God, no. Not right now.

Going to see Richard Marx on Thursday. Not sure how that will go . . .



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