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The Great Unknown

I’ll admit I had my doubts. I wasn’t wowed by “Trust You,” was moderately more pleased with “Hold On Forever,” and by the time he was giving out “I Think We’d Feel Good Together,” I was already suffering fatigue and thinking, Geez, I’ll just wait for the album. Which came out today. And still I hesitated, but curiosity and my love for Rob won out, and I “completed the album” on iTunes.

And . . . I really like it.

Okay, well, I took it with me on a walk. And I haven’t had a nice solo walk in a while, so my general pleasure at being able to get a walk in might have colored my feelings about the music. But still. When heard cohesively, The Great Unknown is pretty catchy. There’s a lot to dance to, if you like that kind of thing. Club mixes, anyone?

My problem with “Trust You” had been that it didn’t really sound like Rob to me, and there are songs on this album where I was definitely thinking, “Reminds me of Jason Mraz” and “Oh, how American Authors,” but at least vocally it sounded like Rob. And I like Jason Mraz and American Authors. ::shrug:: Anyway, “Trust You” has grown on me over time.

Also, while I’d sort of cringed at a live video of “I Think We’d Feel Good Together” (studio acoustics often suck, so I’ll handily blame that), the album version is better. It would have to be. I can’t imagine anything worse.

The upshot is, there wasn’t any song I felt the urge to skip. I always listen to the whole album a few times before deciding which songs I can live without, but I can usually tell right away if there’s one I’m not going to want on my permanent playlist. That hasn’t happened [yet]. Yes, even “Trust You” will stay on my iPod.

Nice work again, Mr. Tumnus Thomas.



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