Now on Facebook!

I’ve finally bitten the bullet and created an official Facebook page. Really, what I’ve done is succumbed to pressure. Everyone says you have to have a Facebook page, but I resisted because I already keep up with Twitter, and then have this site and my reviews site, and I dabble in Instagram . . . And I have an Amazon author page, and I think there’s a Goodreads page languishing somewhere . . . So much stuff! I need a staff to keep up with it all.

But anyway, I do hope you’ll join me on Facebook. I promise not to shower you with anything more than the fun, funny, and (hopefully) meaningful. Stuff for writers, and fans of mystery and YA fantasy. And occasional updates on my own stuff. That kind of thing.

Come on. You’re already on FB anyway. Just go click “Like.”

See there? I can apply a little pressure, too. 😛

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