Yes! I am still alive!

I was just away on vacation and had little to no online access. Alaska, folks. That’s where you go to really get away.

And I saw bears! A momma black bear and her two cubs, in fact. And bald eagles, and salmon (hence the bears), and orca and humpback whales (also with calfs). Quite lovely.

Alaska is not new to me; my grandparents lived there, so I’d been in both summer and at Christmas. I much prefer summer! Moose used to walk through my grandparents’ yard and eat Grandma Jo’s lilacs. It made her so mad. I’d go out and try to pet them because I thought they were really big horses.

Alas, saw no moose this trip. But had a lovely time, and now I really must get back to work and routine. The kids start school in two weeks; I registered them this morning to be sure they get a classroom assignment. And as vacation always ends with a pile of laundry + an empty cupboard and ice box . . . Plenty to do!

But so good to be home. To walk in and smell your house, and have your water—it’s funny, isn’t it, how the water is always different everywhere else? I mean, it stands to reason, but we’re adaptive creatures. We’re used to the way our water feels and smells and everywhere else, no matter how clean and nice the water is, it’s wrong to us.

And I came into my office and the scent of my last candle still lingered, and it was so wonderful . . . I love to travel, oh yes, I was born with itchy feet. But this time I am so, so glad to be home.

Now back to work.

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