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Okay, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of the DFW Con sessions I attended. After the opening remarks, Me Ra Koh came out to give a talk on social media. I’ll admit, I had no idea who she was. Even though I have young ones, Me Ra was not on my radar. But she was energetic, which was a good way to wake up, and she gave some nice, concrete pointers for upping my social media game.

First thing: the Amazon author page. I think I have a pretty nice one, but Me Ra said to add a video to it that gives maybe an inside look at me as an author. So be prepared, because I’ll be making a video tour of Little London soon!

And of course reviews for your books are key, too. Me Ra suggests giving away books to reviewers. Maybe promise signed copies (if you have print books) to the first few people who post a review. (Maybe I’ll give away a copy of Peter when it comes out to the first person to review “Sherlock Holmes and the Monumental Horror”?)

Me Ra said that many authors want to hide. They don’t want to put themselves out there or reveal themselves as real people. This is not a problem I have; I’m a ham. I love attention. But I can agree that it’s hard to put yourselves in the line of fire, by which I mean, it’s difficult to face criticism. And every writer will. No one gets all good reviews all the time because only the lowest common denominator of work is going to please everyone. And I don’t want to be a LCD writer.

Meanwhile, what to blog about? What to put out there as content? It can’t all be about your book. You have to be providing readers with something more than a sales pitch. Me Ra says the key is to figure out what you’re about—what is your life’s theme? She gave us a huge list of possible themes and told us to circle the ones (only as many as three) that jumped out at us.

Sample themes:
Skill versus Strength
Compassion as Heroic
The Mystery of Death
Loss of a Loved One
Social Class
Coming of Age
Pitfalls of Temptation
Dangerous Knowledge
Lost Dreams
The Quest
Death and Rebirth

The list goes on and on, and is not exhaustive. Thing is, I’ve thought about this even before hearing Me Ra’s talk because I do seem to come back to similar themes in my work, and they are the themes that also occupy my real life. Ideas of destiny and “meant to be,” and also proximity to greatness, or “almost but not quite” making it. I’m not sure how I’d turn these themes into regular blog posts or whatever, but I am very aware of their prevalence in my work.

Identity, too, is a major theme for me: discovering and embracing who you really are.

Me Ra says to blog only a couple times a week but then push those posts out to Facebook and Twitter, and always include a photo. Things to blog about include:

1. Sharing excerpts from your work
2. Personal stories and anecdotes that relate to your theme(s)
3. Extras that don’t make it into the book
4. Anything that inspires you
5. Anything you can teach
6. Talking about your creative process

But DON’T ask your readers for anything. Only post once you’ve personally worked through something and can tell a complete story, rather than dumping on your readers and asking them to deal with your bad day. Avoid negativity or else no one will want to read it.

Me Ra went on to show us some ways to get Facebook to work better for us. I don’t have an author page on FB yet, but I’ll be starting one soon, and I hope you’ll all come like me! (In the meantime you can like my Tarot FB page if you want.) She says to post 8–10 times a day (you can schedule the posts to go up throughout the day) and to share others’ content because if you don’t, Facebook limits your reach. Good to know!

This was the point at which we were out of time. But I think Me Ra gave really good tips, and I appreciate her being able to kind of, sort of wake us up. Next it would be time for me to go pitch . . . The butterflies were winging it through my stomach . . .

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4 thoughts on “DFW Con: Social Media”

  1. Interesting stuff. I see more and more authors doing vlogs and such. I don’t have the nerve to do that. But maybe if people wanted to watch videos of my kid, I could post something! *LOL* FB doesn’t work so well for me. I get more interaction on Twitter. I really need to increase my newsletter subscribers, though.

  2. Looks like you’ve got some work to do. Getting your FB author page and a video for Amazon author page. Sounds like the conference was a good one.

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