Little Update

I am still around, promise, and I hope to have another “Hamlette” at some point next week. Changers consumes all my writing time these days; I’ve just discovered I need to massively rewrite the last eight pages because it went in a direction that didn’t fit the world as I’ve built it. Shame, too, because it was a lovely piece. I tried to work it every which way to see if I could make the world fit the sudden turn that had cropped up, but no, too complicated. So the turn must be removed.

Meanwhile, I had a good week with Peter. It’s now out with seven agents, and I hope to hear something from someone soon. Of course, “soon” is relative; agents are busy, often have stacks of manuscripts to read (never mind their actual clients’ work). Three to six months is average, and I’ve heard some writers say it was more like nine months to a year before they ever heard back. I’ve been querying Peter for a little less than a year, and this revision only since February. I know I should be patient, but it’s hard! I had thought I would self-publish in June, but with new interest in the manuscript, unless all of them come back with a “no,” I’ll hold off until fall.

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