You Don’t Got Mail?

Convoluted story, but here goes:

On Monday the 11th, I mailed two envelopes. Now, I know I probably should have gone to the post office and gotten delivery confirmation and all that good stuff, but I already had to drop something at the local UPS store, so I asked them to mail the two envelopes. They gave me a flat rate for each (didn’t give me any other options) and I thought nothing more of it. Mail is mail, and Mercury wasn’t retrograde yet.

But here it is the 21st, and my friend who was supposed to receive one of the envelopes still hasn’t. Which makes me worry the second envelope—an application for a writing fellowship—might also not have arrived at its destination.

So what are my options? I could (a) hope/assume the application got there (they don’t acknowledge receipt, and you only hear back if you advance), or (b) resubmit (except I don’t know if I risk disqualification if they did get the first submission). I suppose I could send it again with a note that I wasn’t sure the first had arrived, but . . . Sigh.

ETA: My friend received her envelope! And considering she lives sort of out in the middle of nowhere, I can see why it might have taken an extra day or two. But now I have a lot less anxiety about Envelope #2. I’m letting it go.

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6 thoughts on “You Don’t Got Mail?”

  1. Hmm, that is slow for the UPS. If you wait until after the long weekend, and the envelopes still haven’t arrived, you could resubmit and add a note that you believe the first one was lost in the mail.

    1. I don’t think the UPS store sent them UPS because then I’d have tracking numbers. I think they just sent them flat rate USPS.

  2. I would resend with a nice explanation that you believe UPS has shown problems in delivering other mail. If they have such a problem with that and still disqualify you, maybe someone else deserves to work with you more. Let us know how it goes. Georgia

    1. Well, my friend finally got her envelope, so I’m going to leave it alone and assume the other envelope also reached its destination.

  3. Ha, I was about to offer all sorts of advice, and then I read your update. So glad it got there! If you’re still worried about the application, you can always do as others have suggested – resend with a note explaining you thunk the first got lost, and apologize if this is a duplicate, etc.

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