Happy Beltane

Also known as “May Day.” All my roses are blooming, which makes me very happy, and the kids don’t have school today, so we’re tending the fairy circle we keep out back.

This seems like a good time to list signs you’re on a Faery Path. I got this list from Lisa Frideborg.

1. You have always been drawn to liminal times and places such as dusk, dawn, mist, graveyards, leylines etc

2. Animals have affinity for you and often approach you in the wild

3. Young children have an affinity for you and you love to play with them

4. Supernatural events have occurred your whole life, as far back as you can remember

5. As a child you had an invisible friend

6. You are artistic and are able to ‘lose yourself’ in artistic endeavours

7. You sometimes find yourself in a time warp, losing or gaining time

8. You see quickly darting glimmers of light out of the corners of your eyes

9. You love spending time in the wild, hugging trees, dancing in a meadow etc

10. You have deep concern for the environment

This all pretty much applies to me, though I’m not 100% sure yet what being on a “Faery Path” means. Something worth exploring.

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