There are ups, and there are downs. March was a decent month, and April started out promising as well (despite pneumonia), but now I’ve hit a two-week slump filled with nothing but rejections. It’s looking like I may end up self-publishing Peter as per the original plan. It’s so frustrating, though, having been told by two editors at major publishers that my book sounds like something they’d like to see. “Get an agent to send it to me,” they say. And then the agents all say the book is “well written” and “intriguing” but won’t take it on.

Tomorrow I’ll be at the Tri-Valley Writers Conference. Maybe being around other writers will innervate me, spur me on. But right now it’s difficult to imagine. I keep chipping away at Changers in the meantime. Though days like today, filled with ever more rejection, make me wonder why I bother.

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