What’s So Good About It?

Holidays mean I won’t hear anything. Not from agents, not from producers—everything goes silent. And I’m supposed to enjoy that, spend time with my family or whatever, but I’m the impatient type. I’ll need to find something really diverting to do this weekend, something above and beyond the usual egg hunts.

Speaking of hunts, I’ve been looking for an agent for Peter, but . . . I think I’m running out of options. It’s a bit disheartening how many agents on places like the Manuscript Wish List want YA. So few seem to want adult books, and then if they do want adult books, they don’t want the kind I’ve written. People don’t read that kind of stuff any more, I guess. Or too few people do, anyway, not enough for an agent or publisher to make any money. I’m feeling a bit discouraged.

I suppose I should be glad, at least, that the book I’m writing now is YA. I’ve sort of stalled out on it, though, what with being sick and then having all these screenwriting projects. Maybe I’ll get back to it next week. Or maybe never. Some days I think I won’t bother finishing.

Seriously, though, happy Good Friday to those who observe, and happy Passover as well. I hope you all have lovely weekends.

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