Many Small Steps . . .

. . . make great progress. Or something like that.

I’d been working with a literary agent on the Peter manuscript. Since last October, we’d been going back and forth over how to make the story stronger. On 28 February, I emailed him and said the first part of the book—the part this agent felt needed the most work—had been entirely rewritten. Should I send it along? He answered me this past Monday by announcing he’s “leaving agenting.” This week.


All that work . . . And I do believe I have a stronger manuscript now, but still, it’s quite the blow. The agent gave me the name and email of the person at the agency who handles queries, told me to let this guy know the soon-to-be-ex agent had been keen on the manuscript, see if any other agents want to pick it up. Would have been nicer if he’d just recommended another agent directly, but . . . He doesn’t owe me anything. He was being kind in giving me as much of his time and energy as he did.

So, really, I am trying to keep the faith and all that. But I haven’t heard back from the guy who handles queries, and I’m afraid I never will. Back to square one then.

I’ve also received three rejections within the week. But on the flip side, I’ve had one full request and three partial requests. So maybe something will pan out.

Things are looking more promising on the screenwriting side. We’re near a deal for the rom-com script, and I’m working with two other guys on a very cool new project. And my Sherlock spec is a finalist in a competition. Fingers crossed! At this point I’d be happy for any kind of win on any front. I just need a boost.

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3 thoughts on “Many Small Steps . . .”

  1. Ugh, what a letdown. Like you said, as least your ms was improved, but geez, I’d still have a tough time with that one. But I guess, better now, than a few months after having started working with him.

    1. Well, the thing is, it felt like I already *had* been working with him for a few months! But because it was nothing “official,” he wasn’t required to hand me off to another agent. I’m trying to be grateful he took the time and effort anyway. But yes, it’s tough.

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