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Question of the Day

I’ve mentioned before that I have a 5-year journal that asks one question a day with spaces for five years’ worth of answers. So I can see how my answers change over time, if they change. Today’s question is:

What do you wish you could forget?

A: My junior year of high school.

That answer hasn’t changed. Of all things, that is what I would most like to forget. It was a very difficult time (September 1992–May 1993). In fact, as a budding astrologer, I became curious to look at my chart for that period in my life. Now, I can’t realistically look at every single day. So I chose my solar return for 1992, which would have set the tone for a lot of what was going on that year.

Right away I saw a potential problem: my SR Sun was in a tight (less than 1 degree) square with my SR Moon. Yikes. No wonder my emotions were all over the place! That + being a teenager = whoa. Also, my natal Venus was squaring my SR Venus and my SR Pluto was tightly squaring my SR Chiron. Heartache was the theme of that year, and these aspects highlight that.

The other chart I opted to look at was the birthday of the person causing me such grief, which was in April 1993 and at the height of my pain. Transiting Chiron was square my natal Venus. Chiron is a planet of wounds and healing, meaning old wounds open so they can heal properly if they haven’t before (or yet). And we all know Venus is the planet of love. Also, my natal Venus was in a tight square with my progressed Moon, upping the emotions and making them raw. My transiting Venus was square my natal Mercury, which hobbled my ability to express myself, in particular all those deep, churning feelings. Sigh.

There are a lot of other aspects in these charts, of course, and not all of them are bad; I was only hunting for clues as to what influenced my difficult situation. Besides the bad love thing, it was a year in which I had a very hard time with a particular teacher, something that had never happened to me before. But looking at these charts, I see my Saturn (natal, progressed, and transiting) is square and opposing all the things. Saturn is the disciplinarian; he rules work and efforts of that kind. Clearly I was meeting a lot of obstacles along those lines.

But enough about me. What about you? What would you like to forget?



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  • Interesting question. High school was okay for me. Or maybe I’m just blocking out all the bad stuff.

    I’m sure there’s something I’d like to forget but my brain is not remembering any of those things at the moment. Once I get off the computer and do something different then it’ll pop into my head. 🙂

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Comments (4)