Slings & Arrows

I’m having a rough week.

No, that’s not exactly true. I’m having a big dipper of a week with lots of downs and then a few ups and then more downs.

On the one hand, bad news (twice over) about one of my scripts. It’s receiving great coverage but can’t get anyone interested. Hrm.

And then, too, a pass from a literary agent who said she really likes Peter but can’t sell it because the first part was self-published as a novella. Well, I’m fixing that with this revision. The first part of the novel is now far different from what was self-published. And the agent did agree to read the revised manuscript when I finish it, so there’s a bit of hope there.

The real high points of the week have had nothing to do with my work. Date night last night was great, though: We went to Bluestem Brasserie and had one of the best meals I think I’ve ever eaten (Boozy Malt FTW), then saw Tom Stoppard’s Indian Ink over at the American Conservatory Theater. Fabulous food + phenomenal play = great night out.

Classed under “middling,” a co-writer and I received some anticipated paperwork regarding our romantic comedy script. I’d be more excited, but the attorney has it, and there’s nothing all that exciting about attorneys. (Sorry, Chuck! I know you’re doing a great job!)

Well, and it’s only Wednesday. We’ll see how the rest of the week plays out. January is giving me whiplash; maybe February will be kinder.

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