Sun Conjunct Ascendant (& Aquarius)

Today is the birthday of one of my favorite people in the world (who prefers to remain nameless). It’s also the day my Sun conjuncts my Ascendant. Basically, my Sun now enters the First House of my natal chart. So while my birthday/Solar Return is in December, a sort of secondary birthday occurs now. Which may explain why so many of my friends are Aquarius and Aquarius Rising; I’m Aquarius Rising, too, and we’re on a similar wavelength.

The First House in astrology is the representation of oneself. It’s the way the world perceives you, the personality you project. So though my Sun is in Sagittarius, I often come across as Aquarius because that’s the sign of my First House. (Or most of it. There’s some Pisces in my First House, too.)

Aquarians are often described as “offbeat” and “eccentric.” But also “logical” and “detached.” It’s a visionary sign, able not only to see the big picture but practical enough in some ways to take steps toward achieving that. Except . . . Aquarians are also dreamers. So sometimes those big pictures they see aren’t all that realistic, despite all their logic. What seems obvious to an Aquarian often isn’t to anyone else, and Aquarians get frustrated when others don’t jump on board right away or require additional explanation.

Sometimes Aquarians are called “cold,” but the truth is, feelings run deep for Aquarians, and they don’t show them unless they’re with people they know and with whom they are comfortable. Once you get to know one, you’ll find them to be very warm. Yet it sometimes feels like something they can turn on and off at will. When logic is required, all warmth goes away, and the Aquarian bends to his or her task. That’s the detachment aspect at work.

Still, Aquarians do best in occupations that ignite their interest and, yes, their emotions. They do best to tap into those feelings and channel them into their work. And because Aquarians are so original, they make great fashion and interior designers, musicians, artists, directors, and writers. Project management, too, for the more business-minded of the sign. Jobs where their visions can be made concrete. That’s the key to happiness for an Aquarian: thoughts put into action leading to a solid result.

Because Aquarians can be grandiose in their visions, they’re easily frustrated and disappointed when things don’t happen the way they plan. Often there is a gap between what an Aquarian wants and what can realistically be accomplished. Talking them down is likely only to irritate them more, so it’s usually better to give the Aquarian his or her space. They bounce back soon enough with a new plan of attack or another big dream to chase.

Most people think, being the Water Bearer, Aquarius is a water sign, but it’s not. It’s an air sign. Sharply intelligent, logical, shrewd—all these accurately describe air signs and Aquarius. The corresponding Tarot card is the Star, the keywords for which are hope and ambition. Those two words sum up Aquarius quite nicely, and yet note that there is water involved both in the sign and on the Star card. Feelings are there. They are channeled toward that hope and ambition. And that is the very nexus of Aquarius.

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