Winter Wonderland

Our weather has taken an uptick the past couple days, which meant the start of a new holiday tradition: mini golfing! The kids had never been before, and they loved it.

I’ve also managed to get in a couple nice walks thanks to the cooperation of the weather:

1. “Stranded on a Sandbar” by Jimmy Buffett
2. “Argue” by Matchbox Twenty
3. “If I Could Give All My Love” by Counting Crows
4. “Bigger Than the Both of Us” by Jimmy Buffett
5. “Real World” by Matchbox Twenty
6. “Mrs. Rita” by Gin Blossoms
7. “Alison Road” by Gin Blossoms
8. “If You’re Gone” by Matchbox Twenty
9. “Unkind” by Tabitha’s Secret
10. “She Will Be Loved” by Maroon 5
11. “I’m the Cat” by Jackson Browne

1. “Fortunate Son” by Creedence Clearwater Revival
2. “Heaven” by O.A.R.
3. “Love and Luck” by Jimmy Buffett
4. “Everything Will Change” by Gavin DeGraw
5. “It’s Not Right For You” by The Script
6. “Why Should I Cry For You” by Sting
7. “Rest Stop” by Matchbox Twenty
8. “Human” by The Killers
9. “All the Right Moves” by OneRepublic
10. “Luck” by American Authors

Yes, I know, a marked lack of holiday tunes. But for some reason “the cloud” won’t let me download my Andy Williams, and I never did upload my Bing Crosby or Jimmy Buffett’s Christmas Island. So the only Christmas song on my iPod is Rob Thomas’ “New York Christmas.” Which it played the other day in the car but otherwise has been MIA in rotation.

I do think it’s funny that I had “Fortunate Son” stuck in my head, and that was the first song my iPod pulled up today.

And my hawk friend joined me again today on my walk, too. I see him pretty regularly now. I take pictures, but WordPress is not letting me upload any for some reason, so I can’t share. Such a pain, and I’m not at all tech savvy, so . . . (I do also put them on Facebook, if you friend me there. Look me up as Amanda Langlinais Pepper. It’s a personal page, not an author page; I had an author page but couldn’t keep up with it, so I stick to this and Twitter for that stuff.)

Anyway, we’ve entered that Winter Wonder-wasteland in which one ceases to receive any email that isn’t the virtual version of a sales flyer. Sigh. I hope this doesn’t mean a cascade of rejections after New Year’s! In the meantime, I’ll try to enjoy the holiday break, even though I’m itching for [good] news.

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