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Monday Mourning & Music

Two more rejections over the weekend, but I’m still doing fairly well; 11% of the queries I’ve sent have resulted in requests for my manuscript. (Of course, I’m still waiting on 62% of the agents to respond . . . It’s a long process, and I’m terrible at long processes.)

Good walk this morning but I need to invest in, like, athletic pants that have pockets. Songs included:

1. “It’s My Life” by No Doubt
2. “Mexico” as covered by Jimmy Buffett
3. “Straight Up” by Paula Abdul
4. “Tin Cup Chalice” by Jimmy Buffett
5. “Her Diamonds” by Rob Thomas
6. “Heart on the Line” by Richard Marx
7. “Hands Are Tied” by Gin Blossoms
8. “I’m So Happy I Can’t Stop Crying” by Sting
9. “Southern Cross” as covered by Jimmy Buffett
10. “Why Should I Cry For You?” by Sting

Apparently my iPod is making a last bid for summer by playing a lot of Jimmy Buffett. But I do consider Sting more of a fall/winter kind of music. So maybe we’re in transition here.



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