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Santa Cruz! And Scripts!

Sad to say, but I’ve never been to a boardwalk. I’ve been to beaches plenty of times, but never to a boardwalk. But this weekend I intend to rectify that.

First, though, sustenance. We drive down tomorrow and will eat, drink, and be merry tomorrow night in order to be ready for a Grand Day Out on Saturday.

And Sunday, before returning home: Mystery Spot. Gravitational anomalies, anyone? Hooray!

(We were going to zip line through the Redwoods, but (a) I wasn’t convinced I could stomach the height, and (b) once I decided to give it a go, it turned out there were no available times anyway. Maybe next visit!)

In other, writing-related news: I’ve begun getting requests for the 20 August script. Fingers crossed it finds the right home! And Adverse Possession has about four more sound editing tweaks, and then it should be ready to send to festivals. It’s hard for me—someone always eager to be moving and making progress—to settle to the slower pace of “the biz,” where deals and the movie-making process take forever and then, all at once, are suddenly finished. In the meantime, I’ve written a couple more short plays, and each of them could potentially be turned into longer plays. That’s the key: stay busy. ‘Cuz if you’re just sitting around and waiting to hear back about something, well . . . Watched pot and all that.



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