A to Z Prologue

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My A–Z Challenge project is new scenes for Ms. Fortune, planned sequel to The K-Pro. If you haven’t read The K-Pro, well, I won’t say you should, but . . . You should.

Seriously, though, here is the background so you can read (and hopefully enjoy) my A–Z postings.

The K-Pro was about Andra Martineau, whose job was to make others’ wishes come true. You might say she was a modern day fairy godmother, but really she was an aspect of the goddess Hecate, unlocking paths for people. Thing is, the key she used had actually been stolen from Janus, god of gateways, now living in the form of actor David Styles.

None of this is particularly important to the sequel except that Andra and David do show up in a few scenes. But Ms. Fortune isn’t about them. Oh, they’re still hammering out what it means to have a relationship while both of them jet around to various jobs. If you’re thinking it was happily ever after, it hasn’t been. It’s a lot of work. But that’s beside the point.

Ms. Fortune is about another actor, Grant Owen. He’s determined to hit the big time, and he’s handsome enough, but he’s impatient with the system. And he’s heard a rumor there’s a woman who can help. It’s not Andra; she is directed by otherworldly forces and doesn’t get to decide to whom she will give aid. But Genevieve Monti, known in whispers as “Ms. Fortune,” has the ability to pick and choose who lands on the A-list. Alas, she’s also rumored to have a heart of stone.

Now Grant just has to find a way to win her over . . . And his fortune will be made.

My A–Z posts will not necessarily be in order—that is, some scenes I write may come before previous scenes, just depending on how the mood strikes me. Ideally, once the month is over I’ll have a chunk of the book written; I’ll just need to organize it and put it in the correct order. As for the alphabetical aspect, each post will simply begin with the letter of the day. Starting April 1st with “A.” Stay tuned!

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  1. After reading your A to Z prologue I am very excited to follow your post. It will be great to be able to go back and read after you put them in order. Oh, I’m excited!! Can’t wait for more!

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