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My Little Pony

I watched the documentary Bronies last night, and that prompted me to take a couple online quizzes to see if I could figure out which of the Friendship Is Magic ponies I’m most like. One had me as Fluttershy, another split me pretty evenly between Twilight Sparkle and Rarity. So I really have no idea.

I am shy. And I am bookish. And I’m maybe just a tiny bit overly aware of my appearance. (Plus, I love to shop for clothes.)

Since I’m not really any existing pony—and really, I don’t want to be—I’m instead forced to consider what kind of pony I would be if I were, say, my own “original pony character.” My hair would definitely be indigo, since that’s my favorite color. Maybe with a stripe of peacock blue. But since I’m not really into pastels, I don’t know what color body I would have.

I’m also not really sure about my cutie mark. A quill, I think, for writing (and to also hearken back to my Shakespeare roots). Should there be a scroll of parchment too? A candle because I really like candles? Hmm.

And I think I’d be a unicorn. I like unicorns.

This is kind of a fun exercise.

Then I started thinking about pony versions of some of my characters. Like, Peter would be a dusky blue-grey color and have a briefcase cutie mark.

I wish I could draw. Maybe I could steal one of my daughter’s coloring books and trace? Or surely there is some online thing that allows you to create pony characters?

But really, I can’t afford to waste so much time and energy on this. I have so much work to do . . .



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  • This is hilarious. What an awesome exercise 🙂 I loved the Ponies when I was little – had a ton of them and played with them every day. Even as I was laughing, I was feeling that great nostalgia 🙂 I might need to go watch that documentary…

    • I can at least say I’ve decided on a shimmery silver-white body for myself. Blue and silver is my favorite color combination.

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Comments (2)