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A Giveaway!

A digital copy of The K-Pro* is just one of MANY great books in the massive grand prize of this giveaway being hosted by Christine Rains:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(And yes, this giveaway is open internationally!)

The prize package includes:
A signed print copy of The 13th Floor Complete Collection by Christine Rains
Diamonds and Dust (ebook) by River Fairchild
An ebook of your choice from Mary Pax
Ocean of Dust (ebook) by Graeme Ing
Ruby’s Fire (ebook) by Catherine Stine
Passing Time and Taking Time (ebooks) by Ellie Garratt
The Vanished Knight (ebook) by Misha Gerrick
Givin’ Up The Ghost and A Guilty Ghost Surprised (ebooks) by Gwen Gardner
Neverlove and They All Fall Down (ebooks) by Angela Brown
Polar Night and The Ghosts of Aquinnah (ebooks) by Julie Flanders
An eARC of Reborn by Cherie Reich
Cloaked in Fur (ebook) by T.F. Walsh
The K-Pro (ebook) by M Pepper Langlinais
The Second Sign and The Second Shadow (ebooks) by Elizabeth Arroyo

3 second-place winners will win a digital copy of The 13th Floor Complete Collection, 13th Floor series swag, and a thank you card mailed to you from Christine.

This will surely give you enough beach reading for the coming summer.

*I am willing to substitute digital copies of St. Peter in Chains and St. Peter at the Gate for readers who would rather have those.



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