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So I’m working on the last of the Peter Stoller trilogy. And the screenplay version (as I’m sure I’ve mentioned many times) won Table Read My Screenplay, and now there’s an indie director who is very interested in it—he’s actively looking for financing and producers. And here’s who he said he’d like to play Peter:

Henry-CavillThis is Henry Cavill. And while I originally pictured more of a Benedict Cumberbatch type in the role, I could definitely dig Henry as my lead. Though he is a bit younger, I think, than Peter (who is my age).
This indie guy also has someone in mind for the character of Ken Gamby. Gamby is a big, rough type whom you first hate but later sort of learn his heart is in the right place. The indie director pictures:

idriselbaIdris Elba. We should be so lucky as to be able to land these guys, right?
And Ben Wishaw is so totally Simeon Martin. Q_(Ben_Whishaw)_-_Profile

That leaves Charles and Gordon. I really have no idea about actors for them. I know how I see them in my mind, but I’m not sure which actors come close to my mental picture.

Charles is in his early 40s, fair to greying hair and a receding hairline. But his most important feature is his brilliant blue eyes. Which actor would that be? Because I’d really hate to have to fake it up with contacts or digital.
And Gordon is older—close to retirement. He’s weary and worn. [ETA: Someone suggested Bill Nighy might do.]

And they’re all British.

So . . . Candidates for these?

Kate-Beckinsale-styleOh, and lest you think I’m neglecting the ladies, I don’t have any immediate ideas for Miranda either. I know she has long, dark hair . . . She’s wily . . . Maybe Kate Beckinsale.

As for music, this movie would need to be scored. This isn’t pop/rock fare. It’s all orchestral. I’ve always liked Bruce Broughton . . . Well, okay, I like Young Sherlock Holmes and Broughton scored that film (my ringtone is “Waxing Elizabeth”). Bill Conti’s theme from the North and South miniseries has also always stayed with me, so maybe him?

I honestly do hope we manage to get this film made. I don’t think we could afford all this talent, but even just one? Pretty please?

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  1. That’s so awesome that it could be a movie. I was thinking it’d be neat to have you do a guest blog post about novel writing versus screenplay writing. I think that’d be cool. I’ll have to talk to you soon and see if you might be interested.

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