The thing about being a working writer is . . . the work.

I quite suddenly have found myself in demand, which is lovely. I’m so grateful that people want to work with me, and to read my work. But I’ve made a list of my current obligations and it’s making me boss-eyed:

1. Finish Beautiful Monster
2. Also read the latest draft of the rom-com I’m co-writing (though I honestly think it’s at the point we could start sending it out)
3. Read another script that a writer has sent; he would like me to help him with revisions
4. Read a book a director would like me to adapt for screen
5. Finish Peter so I can send it out to the agents who have expressed interest in it

I’m also doing some beta reading and critiquing for people, plus I have a couple other ideas for novels I’d like to get started on, and that television series pilot I’d like to write.

And if you’re wondering why I’m posting this list here, it’s so I’ll have something to refer to. Because if I leave it written on a piece of paper on my desk, I will lose it and never know what I’m supposed to be doing. As things stand I’m pretty sure I may still be forgetting something . . .

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