By the Numbers

So I found out I sold about four times as many books in 2013 than I had in 2012. Even taking into account that my first book wasn’t published until the middle of 2012, that’s a pretty good rise.

And I’m getting more requests for my scripts, too. Part of the credit for that comes from The Happy Writers; they’ve put me in contact with a few production companies and managers and the like. If we’re talking numbers, I’ve pitched to seven and had requests from four of those (and one manager requested two of my scripts). So that’s not bad, either. I only wish I could afford to do more of the pitches, but it adds up pretty quickly. I’m waiting to see what pays off (if anything; hopefully something) before I continue to throw money in that direction. After all, I’m also making inroads by doing my own thing, so we’ll see which process garners the most/best results.

In the meantime, I still have a number of other projects going. Ideally these will result in finished films and books. One film in post-production, one script under negotiation, and a promise from another director/producer that he will turn the script I’m currently working on into a movie. It’s like juggling. All these projects up in the air. But as a writer, once I let go of the ball (the script, the manuscript), it’s not always on me to catch it. At some point you release it and it goes into someone else’s hands. Never let anyone tell you writing is a solo sport. Not good writing, anyway, and certainly not screenwriting. It’s a team effort. You pass that ball and hope someone can slam dunk the shot or kick it into the goal or what-have-you. So be careful when choosing your teammates, I guess, is the lesson there.

So far I seem to be doing relatively well. I can chart my progress and it’s going in a generally upward direction. Whenever I start to feel frustrated and restless, I must remind myself that a couple years ago I wasn’t even this far along. The numbers don’t lie.

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