“His Last Vow”: Another Thing

As cute as the post-credit sequence in the drug den was (and yes, it feels weird to write “cute” and “drug den”)—and this was lifted from Doyle, too; note that the best of the program adheres mostly to Doyle’s original work—I feel Sherlock would have known that by addressing John he was inviting having his cover blown. He knows John and so should be able to reasonably predict John’s reaction, which would certainly involve Sherlock’s name being shouted. So . . . Are we supposed to believe Sherlock had a momentary lapse in judgement in drawing John’s attention (maybe couldn’t help himself because he so misses having John’s attention, though the delivery of “Did you come to fetch me too?” doesn’t quite give that impression), or that he really wanted to have his cover blown, or that he wasn’t actually undercover at all?

2 thoughts on ““His Last Vow”: Another Thing”

    1. It’s what happens when the creator/writer/producer believes he is smarter than 98% of his viewers. But really, while I can understand how unwieldy something like Doctor Who is, and how it’s nearly impossible not to have holes there—we’re talking 50 years of mythology over several different showrunners—there have only been 9 episodes of Sherlock and they still can’t manage to be consistent? And to keep any holes out of the fabric? I think they go for the convenient over the consistent, really. They’ll do something because they think it’s cute or funny or emotionally manipulative moving rather than play true to character or follow any logic.

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