Setting Myself Up

I just sent an e-mail off to Zero Gravity Management. They had asked to read 20 August back in September and their note said to give them 90 days before querying about the status. It also said they don’t bother to send rejections because they’re too busy. Once again, no news is bad news, and I’m inviting disappointment just by asking, but . . . I’d rather know flat out.

I’ve got scripts out with other managers and agencies as well, and the longer the crickets chirp, the less likely I am to hear good news. At least, that’s been my experience thus far. But again, I’d just like to hear one way or another.

Well, I say that, but then again sometimes I’ve received a rejection for something I’d forgotten I’d ever sent, and then I’m stung because it’s an unexpected dismissal. If I’ve forgotten you, please don’t suddenly send me a note saying you don’t like my script or don’t see me as a “fit” or whatever. I was quite happy not knowing.

On the up side, I do have people telling me they’re interested in my work. They want to make my movies. But in an industry where talk is cheap—and I do believe these people are sincere, but . . . “want to” and “can” are not the same thing—until it’s on paper and signed, I have a hard time getting excited.

But I shouldn’t be cynical. Really, I’m trying to stay positive and look at the up sides in everything. I believe if I send out positive energy, good things will come back to me. And maybe that’s naive, but it doesn’t hurt anything to be optimistic and sure makes life a lot more pleasant.

So I’ve set myself up for disappointment, but if I’m already expecting the worst . . . ::shrug:: One of these days instead of disappointment (or at the very least instead of meeting my low expectations), maybe I’ll get a pleasant surprise!

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