So I guess a lot of people are writing about and posting resolutions and goals for the year. I don’t really do “resolutions” in the traditional sense. I usually just list the projects I want and need to start and/or finish.

2014 looks a bit like this:

1. Finish the rom-com script I’m co-writing*
2. Finish the thriller script I’ve been asked to pen (deadline: end of February)**
3. Finish St. Peter Ascends
4. Publish The Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller (which is the collected trilogy of Peter Stoller stories)
5. Write the television pilot I’ve been backburnering for ages

If I manage all that, there are some other projects I’d like to get around to, but it will largely depend on how all these go.

Aside from the writing, there are other aspirations.

1. Get signed by an agent or manager
2. Get at least one script optioned and hopefully into production

I have less control over these things than I do over the writing, of course. The writing goals are really all on me (aside from the co-written project). But the additional aspirations require cooperation from various other people. So the goal becomes, well, persuading people to cooperate. Or something. Still, I’m gonna try.

There’s travel, too. I hope to go at least a couple interesting places over the course of the year. But aside from a trip to Vegas (my first!) at the end of this month, I’ve got nothing definite planned. (There’s SFWC next month, but that’s just here in San Francisco.)

So that’s my plan for 2014.

*We have finished a draft that we’ve begun having people read. So at this point I’m not sure how much more rewriting will be required. I’m sure we will need to do more work, but at least we’ve concluded the first phase of the project.

**I’m about one third of the way finished.

One thought on “2014”

  1. Good luck with your projects and have fun in Vegas! I really do want to go back. We did the typical touristy things when we went there, but now I want to go see all the less traveled places.

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