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Birthdays and Names

It’s my birthday. Mine and the late Ford Madox Ford’s and Sarah Paulson’s and Milla Jovovich’s . . . And I used to live near where John Greenleaf Whittier was from. This is Arthur Feidler’s birthday and William Safire’s and Bill Pullman’s. Well, and Pope Francis, of course. And it’s the birthday of lots of other people besides, most whose names I will never know. But I figure we’re all in good company.

One of my presents has been the chance to choose a professional designer for the cover of the Peter Stoller trilogy. But first I must come up with a title for said trilogy! The three parts are: St. Peter in Chains, St. Peter at the Gate, and (I’m working on it now) St. Peter Ascends. I was thinking along the lines of The Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller for the collection, but that feels sort of hefty. Yet shortening it to Fall and Rise is too generic. I don’t necessarily want to use “St. Peter” in the collection title since I don’t want people to think it’s about the historical/biblical figure. I had that problem on Amazon; one reviewer was unhappy when he or she realized it isn’t some Christian novel and that the main character is, in fact, gay. (Though I maintain if they had only read the description . . .)

The series is known on Amazon as “The Peter Stoller Series.” I guess I could do something like Fall and Rise: The Peter Stoller Stories. I must think on it. But I’m open to suggestions.



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  • Happy Birthday!!!! I actually really do like The Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller. I don’t think it’s too hefty, and I like that it’s “fall and rise” instead of “rise and fall”; it’s a small but interesting (and hopeful) twist. And you’re right, people just need to raed descriptions… 😉

    • Thanks, Liz! You’re the second person to tell me they like The Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller, so that’s the way I’m leaning at the moment.

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Comments (2)