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It’s Happening Again

Remember when I fussed about writing competitions’ inability to meet their own deadlines? Yeah, well . . . Once again I find myself frustrated with such a situation. I mean, at least the competition/film festival in question has been very good about communicating. I’ve received e-mails and they’ve updated their Facebook status. But as of yesterday they had a countdown clock to notifications that were supposed to go out today. And then about seven hours ago the notice went up that notifications are expected “in the coming days.” Meanwhile the e-mail I received said “next week.” With the caveat that, if the decisions were finalized too close to Christmas, they’d post them after, on December 27.

So really what they’re saying is they have no fucking clue when the decisions will be made and notifications sent out. And people hoping to know in time for the holidays—either to celebrate or cry into their nog—may be left hanging until after the chief festivities are over (New Year’s notwithstanding).

Do we honestly believe these judges and/or readers are giving their all during one of the busiest times of the year? I’m not convinced the scripts and films will have all their attention. I feel like it’s very likely these people have other things on their minds.


There’s nothing I can do about it, and I can’t really be surprised (though I really thought these guys, of everyone, had it together) . . . But I can still be disappointed.



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