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A 5-Year-Old Girl’s Take on Smaug

My daughter is five, and she loves dragons. This is partly because her older brother has convinced her I (their mother) am a dragon in human form, and that when I get angry I can transform into a fire-breathing beast. My daughter loves me, ergo she now loves dragons as well.

She only knows two dragons specifically. Me and Smaug. She hasn’t read The Hobbit, of course, but her brother has read it a number of times (he’s ahead of the curve for an 8-year-old). So my daughter has heard all the stories about Smaug in second-hand fashion.

IMG_4565And then, too, she has seen all the Lord of the Rings movies because we usually do a marathon viewing during the holidays. And she’s seen the ads for the new movie, too. She is desperate to see it.

When her younger brother got a toy castle and dragon for his birthday, my daughter appropriated the dragon and named him Smaug. And this is her ultimate take on him: “Mom, he just needs a friend! If he would come here, we could build him a big house in the back yard (because he would be too big to come in the house) and we could feed him and maybe give him giant ice cream cones! If he had a friend, he wouldn’t be mean any more.”

This is a 5-year-old’s faith in friendship as savior to mankind. And dragons.

I don’t know what she’s gonna do when that dragon dies in the movie . . .



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