All About the Hair

I’ve been a redhead for almost three years now. Not always the same shade of red, mind. I’ve been bright red and auburn and even a kind of strawberry blonde. I’ve had streaks of other colors like pink and blue and purple and peroxide blonde too. I like to keep things interesting.

But I think it’s time for a change. It’s funny because all my life I wanted the same beautiful auburn hair as my Scottish grandmother (turns out she used henna to keep it red late into her life). But the great thing about hair is that it is so changeable. You can try something new and be none the worse for it if you want or need to change it again later.

I think I’m going to go darker with mine. Not black exactly—I have no desire to be Morticia, and that would just look ridiculous with my coloring. But I have a fantastic stylist, and she won’t let me do anything too terrible to myself. She has her own reputation to consider after all!

Think I’ll bring back some of that blue or purple, too . . .

One thought on “All About the Hair”

  1. FUN! I went through a period of time when my hair was various (and bright) shades of the rainbow – blue, purple, pink, red – but I did it all myself and I got fed up with the bleaching process. Now I go to a stylist (much better) and have her give me the more ‘normal’ shades… but it still never stops being fun. You’re right, it’s one of the few things we can change so easily. Enjoy it!

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