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The Good News

I realize the year isn’t over, but already I find myself looking back over 2013. I get frustrated when, at the end of a year, I feel as if I’m pretty much in the same place as when the year started. But in an attempt to cultivate an “attitude of gratitude,” I’m going to list the good things that happened—have happened so far, really, since there could yet be more—in 2013. Because deep down I know I’ve made progress. It’s just not always easy to see.

I kept a calendar this year, a private one that listed all the good (and, yes, bad too, but I’m focusing on the good here) things that occurred, month by month and day by day. Now I will share those good things with you:

5 JanuarySt. Peter in Chains wins Grand Prize for short script in Table Read My Screenplay
25 JanuarySt. Peter in Chains receives a professional table read at Sundance Film Festival
5 February – have a Skype session with a director/producer in NYC who wants to turn 20 August into a feature
3 March – Creative World Awards gives strong coverage to my Sherlock spec and a score of 8.19/Consider
7 April – Contagion Films requests to read “Warm Bodies”
1 June – CWA gives 20 August glowing feedback and a score of 8.38/Consider
10 June – Contagion Films licenses “Warm Bodies” for a short film
13 August – CNN interviews me as part of a feature about women who have left the work force; the feature runs as a slideshow online on the 21st
14 August – all three of my scripts make Preliminary Finals in CWA; 20 August would go on to make Quarterfinals
5 September – Zero Gravity Management requests to read 20 August
11 September20 August is named a Semi-Finalist in the Silent River Film Festival
19 September – my Sherlock spec makes Quarterfinals in the Final Draft Big Break contest (that’s the top 10%)
4 October – Principato Young requests a screenwriting sample

Everything has sort of plateaued since October, and I never did hear back from Zero Gravity or Principato Young. But I’m trying to look at the positive! At least there has been interest. And positive feedback/coverage. I mean, all of last year I faced rejections and losses in pretty much everything I submitted. At least this year I’ve had a win and some gains. And my first film produced! (Well, it’s still in post-production, but one doesn’t want to rush these things.)

So . . . Yeah. Here’s hoping 2013 finishes out on an up note—or at the very least not on a down one—and that 2014 brings continued progress.



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