People keep asking what I’m working on, and really I’ve got a couple big projects on my plate, both screenwriting related. First, I’m doing a rewrite of another person’s romantic comedy. It’s a really cute story with a lot of potential (I think), and the writer and I hammered out some changes, and now I’m implementing them in the script. And then the rewrite will go back to him so he can do some more rewriting. Because I know what I’m putting in won’t be perfect. Not on the first go.

And then I have this thriller script to write. I’ve outlined a general plot and sent that off to the director who seemed to mostly like it. (He wanted me to change some character names.) I’m feeling a little pressure on this one because it’s not my usual genre, and the director is a little impatient to get going. But I’d committed to the rom-com prior, and I told this director that, so . . .

I’ve also had a nice response from the few people I pitched to at Screenwriters World last weekend, so we’ll see what, if anything, comes from that.

Headshots went well, and I didn’t even need any wardrobe changes because the blue shirt I chose really made my eyes pop and my red hair stand out. From what I reviewed on the camera screen, I looked a little like Emily Deschanel. Of course, that could change once I see larger versions of the pictures. Watch the sidebar for the finished product once it’s ready.

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