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2013 So Far (in Writing)

We’re sliding ever more quickly toward the end of the year. It’s been an extremely busy time for me, but I wanted to pause and take stock of all that has happened thus far, sort of position myself, orient myself.

In January, I won my first ever screenwriting competition when St. Peter in Chains (the short form) took Grand Prize for short screenplay in Table Read My Screenplay. What a confidence booster! It also opened a couple doors for me so that I’ve since found someone interested in potentially making a feature-length movie of St. Peter in Chains + St. Peter at the Gate. Fingers crossed!

Speaking of St. Peter at the Gate, it was published in July. Because of all the screenwriting work I’ve been doing, I’ve not been writing as much prose. But I have published St. Peter at the Gate and The K-Pro this year.

The screenwriting side of things has just exploded for me. Three of my scripts made Preliminary Finals in the Creative World Awards: Sherlock: “A Society of Martlets”, St. Peter in Chains, and 20 August. (20 August actually made Quarterfinals, too.) 20 August is also a nominee for the Silent River Film Festival River Scroll Award. The script has had some interest from various studios and producers, and I know of at least one director/producer who is serious about maybe taking it on as a project. Fingers on the other hand crossed!

Also, I’ve been asked to help rewrite a romantic comedy script and to pen a psychological thriller. So yeah, lots of screenwriting going on.

It hasn’t all been glory. I’ve been rejected a few times, lost more competitions than I’ve won. But if I look at where I am now versus last year, there has definitely been progress.

Of course, if I go back and look at the goals I set for myself at the start of the year:

  1. Edit & publish The K-Pro
  2. Finish writing & publish “St. Peter at the Gate”
  3. Draft at least one new novel (either Pretend You Love Me or An Astral Affair)
  4. Finish my Henry II play
  5. Write at least two more Sherlock Holmes stories
  6. Finish my zombie television pilot spec script

I’ve done the first two. The rest have been back-burnered while other, new projects take priority. Well, it’s good to be in demand . . .



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