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BBF Day 3: Kayla Curry & Shah Wharton

Obsidian Final Front Cover SmallerToday I have two authors to introduce to you readers. The first is Kayla Curry, who is also the founder and coordinator of the Blogger Book Fair. She has actually sent along an excerpt from her upcoming novel Moonstone, second in the Mystic Stones series. (The first is Obsidian, which you may want to read before picking up Moonstone in order to avoid spoilers.)

Here, though, without spoilers, is an excerpt from Kayla Curry’s Moonstone:

Chapter 1


Dorin stood in line at the upscale hotel while two very busy front desk clerks tried to check in the waiting guests. He was fourth in line, and the woman who was second in line had caught his eye. She was thin with long blond hair, which was pulled back into a loose ponytail, and she had bright blue eyes. She was here on business judging from her black skirt and blouse. Finally, the man in front of Dorin doing a funny little dance lost his patience and walked towards the bathrooms.

That’s when Dorin first caught the intoxicating scent of the woman in black. Now third in line, he knew he had a limited amount of time to make conversation. He noticed she wore only one piece of jewelry. How could he not when its force was strongly pushing him away from her. It was a ring that would make it hard for him to get to her—not a wedding ring, but something much more ominous. She acted as if she didn’t know what it did. If she did know then she would have noticed him. Enlightened people always notice him. They usually say nothing since people would only laugh and call them crazy if they did say something.

“That’s a very unique ring you are wearing,” he stated. He was testing the limits. She looked up at him with her big blue eyes and smiled.

“Thank you, my grandmother gave it to me. She carved it herself from a seashell,” she replied.

He could feel its force even stronger now. Pushing him away. Not because she was afraid, but because he wanted to taste her blood and the vampire spirit inside of the ring knew it. The spirit was warning his subconscious mind to stay away, therefore physically pushing Dorin away from her. The fact that he couldn’t harm her because of his curse was the only reason he’d gotten this close to her to begin with. Dorin knew he wouldn’t stay away for long, but the ring would have to come off. The curse was only a small problem. Once she kissed him, she would be his.

If you would like to be notified of Moonstone’s release, please fill out the short form at this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHFIN3FFOFFaY09vd0o1anZLOFNySVE6MQ#gid=0

Kayla is giving away “Ruby: A Mystic Stones Jewel” for FREE on Smashwords. “Ruby” is the companion short story to Obsidian and can be read before or after reading Obsidian. Head to this link to get your free copy! https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/298469
Enter to win your choice of one of Kayla Curry’s short stories below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Author PictureKayla Curry is the author of:
Obsidian (Mystic Stones Series #1, on sale for $3.50 during the BBF)
“Ruby: A Mystic Stones Jewel”
Vibe: Grey Apathy
“Journey in an Unknown Land”
Falling Leaves: The Complete Three Story Collection
Moonstone (Mystic Stones Series #2, Coming Soon!)

Find them all on Amazon here and Kayla’s author site on Google here.

My next guest is Shah Wharton. She provided the following copy via html, so I apologize for formatting issues; I don’t have the savvy to go in and fix any of it, nor do I particularly want to change Shah’s work.

Shah Wharton is offering a giveaway for one print version (available Fall 2013 (UK) or one eCopy, (available INT) of Finding Esta, an urban fantasy, paranormal mystery.
* Interesting Fact Alert: Finding Esta is currently going through a re-write / edit (post publication) ready for the print edition.



The Supes Series – Ridiculously short synopses.

Finding Esta Book Cover

Book 1 of The Supes Series: Finding Esta (Published)


Psychic flaws curse a fledgling journalist who seeks validation from loveless parents, and peace within her cruel world. When her investigation into child abduction leads her to the supernatural Cornwall community, her sense of identity implodes as each incredible revelation steers her to a singularly mind-blowing question:

“What am I?”

For a larger description, trailer, reviews, images of characters ,and links to various interviews etc, please visit the My Book page on Shah’s website.



Shah pens “Finding Esta” in a well written plot with plenty of twists and turns to keep your interest. Her characters are totally interesting and believable in this paranormal fantasy. I totally loved the book and even with the cliffhanger at the end, now I can’t wait for the next book to come. Highly recommended for all adult paranormal readers. My Cozie Corner {Book Reviews}
“Finding Esta is an urban fantasy tale with a riveting plot that hooked me from the very first page. […] and cleverly weaves both mystery novel and supernatural tale together.” Valerie S. Fowler {Book Reviewer}
” It’s a great tale that’s part Nancy Drew, part Harry Dresden, and part Underworld, with a dash of Weapon X thrown in for good measure […] and my favorite line was, “The ego of a God, the wit of a goldfish.” Tom Winship, {Author of Vaempires.}
“From the onset of the story, the prose is dripping with the voice of a character I could spend eternity with. The story is laced with beautiful but nicely paced descriptions, and the characters breathe life into the pages.” BooksForever {Editor / Author}


Finding Luna (working cover)
Finding Luna (working cover)

Book 2 of The Supes Series: Finding Luna (Re-Writes)

Due for publication early 2014 (this is the working synopsis)

Imagine a broken young woman whose world is left in ruins. Imagine horrific identities forced violently upon her, to trigger a growing, often frenzied desire for blood, bouts of extreme hirsutism, and (ahem) embarrassing dental issues. Imagine two love interests and the supernatural community insisting she’s not only their prophesied saviour, but also the defeater of Queen Vampire Lucy …her sire-sister.

Then …imagine she is you! What’s your next move?

* Interesting fact alert: Shah designed this cover and the fur textured title does have significance. 🙂 Do you love or loath it? This may or may not be the cover used at publication. Shah requests your input and any ideas.



From Chapter Four of Finding Esta

…White rays of light streamed from his eyes to captivate and near blind me. My neck arched for a glimpse of his face, but I could only make out the heart shaped curve of his wet, full lips. When they parted and his breath deepened, I wanted to bite him of all things. Especially when the delicate tips of his fangs peeped below his upper lip. I admit, unfamiliar warmth spread out across my lower abdomen.

I stood before him transfixed, puzzled, and sodden with rain in my flimsy attire. I shivered against his bulky form when his arms wrapped around me like a quilt. Grateful for their cover, I embraced my stranger’s slim waist and my near-nakedness dampened white t-shirt, beneath his huge wax coat. My red chiffon scarf fell, but clung to the damp curve of my lower back, so he hoisted it up over my shoulders. I held my breath and waited for the pain that always came with touch. The silent dread left my mouth dry. Even in dreams I feared my reaction to it, yet I surrendered to his, come what may. My faith in him repaid me, as it had once done for Abby. No pain came from his caress, no images burned through my brain. I became dizzy, but from holding my breath until a powerful flood of relief made me exhale. He brushed my hair away from my face with smooth fingertips and I let go of a tear.

The rain and wind wrapped around us, but it remained powerless to penetrate the cover of his physical shelter. I burrowed into the sweet weight of his face-less, name-less affection. He held me captive, not in a prison of bars and abuse, but by the sheer power of his presence.

Protective. Powerful. Peace.

He touched my chin with his forefinger and looked into my eyes. The white glow of his ebbed until he finally allowed me to see the palest green eyes I’d ever seen. He cupped my cheeks and searched my expression. Beyond beautiful, those eyes darted with a desperate hunger and studied each of my features. He licked his plump lips, his heartbeat became audible and accelerated.

Or was that mine?

My gaze worked around his square jaw line, spiky cheekbones and heavy brow, but the delicate green of his eyes framed by short, thick, black lashes, and the plump pink pads of his mouth, softened the otherwise overt image of masculinity. My breath caught in my throat at such perfection. Heat continued to build within me; I licked my own lips as though they were his.

Fingers foraged grey cells beneath the bony shield of my skull and I knew he strove to read my thoughts, to search my mind. But why?

More concerned that he’d find lewd thoughts than anything else, even in a dream, I panicked and broke the attachment between us be stepping back and closing my eyes. When I peered into the rain, then down at my naked, nasty feet, I swallowed sour regret.

All too soon the cold air replaced the warmth of his body, and effigies of the dead danced in the darkness, around me.

I woke with a start, gripped by an inhuman passion, but cold and empty in the gloomy grasp of reality. No one could ever hold me like that outside of dreams.

I’ll be a lonely virgin for the rest of my miserable life.



Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk and internationally.
Draft2Digital distributes to many outlets on all formats, including
Barnes & Noble (for NOOK) | KOBO (for ePUB) | iBOOKS (for APPLE) |


Author Bio

Shah Wharton
Shah Wharton

Shah’s father nurtured her love of the written word as a child, although her words remained private until recently, when she decided to apply her imagination to short stories, in 2010. One of which grew into Finding Esta, the beginning of Luna’s tumultuous journey of self-discovery. Finding Esta is her debut novel, and the first volume of The Supes Series.

Shah enjoys all good speculative fiction and is an avid Kindle abuser and cinema fan. She adores her fans, the indie writing community, and is thrilled to be part of the e-publishing revolution.

She lives between Dubai and United Kingdom with her husband and their beloved dog, Bobby.

On her blog, she discusses her writing, publishing, books and storytelling, and supports other authors. She is always happy to accept feedback so please do get in touch.





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